Place initials next to each numbered line indicating you have read and understand each item as part of the lease.

1. Shovel your sidewalk: Tenants are responsible for all snow/ice removal as needed. This must be done within 24 hours after each snowfall. If you do not shovel the sidewalks, the City will do so and send the landlord a bill. Tenants are responsible for payment of this bill and an additional $15.00 charge from landlord. Total will be due to landlord within 7 days of mailing to tenants. The driveway must be shoveled by tenants using the driveway. This includes those times when tenants may not be occupying the residence (holidays and spring break). Remember not to turn off furnace while you are away as pipes will break if they freeze and this will be your expense to repair.

2. Rent is made in 3 equal payments with one check for everybody: For all leases, rent will be made in three installments. Unless otherwise stated in lease, payment schedule is: 1st payment (for 4 months rent) due August 1st (prior to move-in). 2nd payment (for 4 months rent) is due December 1st, and final payment for remainder of rent is due March 1st, no exceptions.
If rent is mailed and post-marked by the first day of the month, that is acceptable. Any payment received after the first or post-marked after the first will be subject to a 5% of rent due late fee plus $2.00 per day for each additional day that rent is late. Rent can be paid by check or money order. Payment must be made with one check for total amount due. If one roommate is short on cash, that is your problem, not ours. THIS POLICY WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!

If a check is returned NSF, a fee of $50.00 will be added to the amount due (in addition to a late fee if applicable), and personal checks will no longer be accepted for rent. (all future payments must then be made with cash, cashier’s check or money order).

Lessee agrees that if Lessee doesn’t voluntarily pay extra fees (i.e. late charge, returned check fees, ect) owed to Landlord as set forth in the lease and Non Standard Rental Provision, Landlord reserves the right to deduct these fees from the security deposit and turn over the amount due in excess of the security deposit for collection by an attorney or agency. Lessee will be responsible for any cost incurred by Landlord as a result of placing a delinquent account with an attorney or agency for collection.

3. Checking in: Check-in will be no earlier than 3P.M. on the first day on the lease at which time the tenants will have made the first rent payment, made utility arrangements and be provided with apt. keys, and new smoke detector batteries.

4. Check out: tenants will check-out no later than noon on last day of lease term. After tenant has vacated, landlord will inspect unit for cleanliness and obvious damage though all parties realize other damage may be revealed later. Tenant shall leave property in VERY CLEAN condition or Service Master will be hired to clean the unit, all charges will be deducted from the security deposit. This includes all appliances, bathrooms, steps, common areas, ect.  
All carpets will be professionally cleaned, tenants must provide landlord with a receipt from a professional carpet cleaner as proof. Rug doctors and home carpet cleaners are not accepted.

Proof of payment of water bill and special assessments by the City of Oshkosh is required prior to return of security deposit. Each tenant will leave one self-addressed stamped envelope for security deposit return and will also leave all keys properly labeled. Tenant agrees that the return of security deposit made to the person whose name appears on the security deposit return agreement is acceptable.

5. Parking is for tenants’ personal auto only. Parking in any area other than that designated by landlord will result in a parking citation issued by police and/or the vehicle being towed at the owners’ expense. No boats, campers, trailers or other items are allowed. Parking is limited to area designated by landlord. Parking permits are required. All vehicles without permits may be ticketed and towed at vehicle owners’ expense. Driving or parking on the lawn is strictly prohibited. Counterfeit permits will result in ALL vehicles from that unit being ticketed and towed at owners’ expense.

6. The tenant acknowledges the residence due to its age may contain lead base paint and or asbestos and further acknowledges receipt of the required lead base paint warning pamphlet.

7. Replace your light bulbs; Landlord does not supply window shades, curtains, drapes, curtain rods, shower curtains, or light bulbs.

8. Basements are dirty: If the unit has a basement, the tenants will have access for the purpose of access to the mechanical controls (water main, furnace, water heater, washer dryer (if equipped), breaker switches, etc.) but will not use the basement for any other purpose (IE: parties, storage etc.)…*basements are not to be used by tenants for storage or any other reason*!!

To protect the safety and liability of the Lessee and the Landlord under no circumstance will alcohol be allowed in the basement. Also prohibited are make shift bars, refrigerators, string lights, and covering of the windows. Basements are for tenant’s personal property and laundry use only. If this rule is violated there will be a $100.00 fee per occurrence.

9. Tenants who sign this lease are adults and will be treated like adults. We promise to treat tenants with respect and expect the same in return.

10. What you see is what you get: Tenants are accepting the unit as it appears on the date of execution of the lease (minus all tenants’ and landlords’ personal property). The landlord is not required to make any alterations or changes to the property, other than cleaning, unless outlined on the lease. Tenant MUST notify landlord within 48 hours of water leaks and toilets that run constantly, broken windows, ect. After 48 hours all minor repairs such as broken windows, holes in the walls or ceilings, loose items, plugged drains, minor plumbing leaks and other minor repairs are the responsibility of the tenant.

11. Early check in: Tenants cannot move in prior to the date outlined on the lease.

12. This is not “Trading Spaces”’ Tenants are NOT ALLOWED TO PAINT the dwelling. NO EXCEPTIONS! (so, don’t ask) A repainting fee of $200.00 per room will be assessed to any room painted (even partially) by a tenant.

13. NO PETS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME (not even a “visit” or “pet-sitting” situation) Entire Security is forfeit if a pet is found on premise AT ANY TIME.

14. Keys: All keys must be turned in at the time of check-out. If any key is missing a $100.00 assessment for lock changes will be charged per missing key.

15. Garbage and recyclables will be stored outside and behind residence until 5pm of the day prior to garbage pick up. Garbage cans and anything not picked up (for example: paper if it were an aluminum pick up week) shall be returned to the area behind the house on that day. Anything left overnight will be subject to a removal fee of $50.00 to move it behind the house and additional charges if must be taken directly to the dump. Garbage will not be left on premise when you move out or disposal fees will be charged.

16. Use: This property is intended for tenants to use as a primary residence. City Housing regulations prohibit more than four unrelated persons from occupying a home. Extended or repeated stay guests are not allowed (boyfriends or girlfriends who may or may not have a different residence but who habitually stay here). This residence will not be used as a place to “flop” or a “crash” pad.

17. Entertaining: Tenants may be allowed to entertain up to 12 people in their unit, any other number must have written approval from the landlord. They acknowledge their responsibility and liability for their guests and the actions of their guests. Under NO circumstances are ½ barrels or similar alcohol vending device allowed at any time. This house will not be used as a “party house”. Any evidence or report of a “house party” or such vending device on the premise will result in an immediate assessment of $300.00 fee per occurrence and possibly eviction.

18. Clogged drains are the responsibility of the tenants no matter how they occur. Condoms and feminine products including tampons are not to be flushed (even if the package says it’s ok…DON’T DO IT!) as they frequently cause plugged sewer lines. The cost of clearing such clogs is solely the responsibility of the tenant.

19. Showings: Showings for the following lease term may begin soon after tenant takes occupancy. Tenants agree to allow showings within 12 hrs of notice and at reasonable times. Notice may be (but not restricted to) one of the following: e-mail, note posted on door, phone message, personal contact, other. All rooms must be accessible for showings. Tenant will have dwelling in clean and presentable condition. Tenants may be asked to show dwelling directly to perspective tenants.

20. Emergencies: Tenants will not call landlord between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am unless an emergency exists (something that poses a threat to persons or property). Violations will incur a $25.00 fine. This is just common courtesy.

21. No signage of any sort is allowed to be viewed from the street whether it is inside or outside the residence including but not restricted to: Political, alcohol, business of any sort, artwork of any kind, other. This does not restrict the landlord from placing signs on the property (example: “for rent”). If this policy is violated there will be a minimum charge of $50.00 for us to come in and remove these items.

22. Common area cleaning: Tenants are equally responsible to keep all common areas of the property clean. Damage and required cleaning will be billed equally to all tenants of the unit unless responsibility can be assigned to the responsible party. This includes removal of property left after lease ends. Deductions from security deposit will be made with or without notice.

23. The law: The landlords cooperate fully with City of Oshkosh Housing Inspector ’s Office and Oshkosh Police. No violations of ordinances or laws will be tolerated.

24. No candles or open flames are allowed in the residence as they are a fire hazard and cause stains on the walls requiring several coats of paint to cover. No smoking in the residence is allowed. A room re-paint fee will be charged for each room where such damage is found.

25. Yard clean-up (garbage removal) is the responsibility of tenants. If property is a duplex and lower unit is occupied this is the responsibility of tenants of lower unit. Tenants will ensure downspouts remain in place at all times.

26. No disturbing noise. NO PARTIES: Social and friendly gatherings of several people are fine provided such gatherings do not become boisterous, obscene or objectionable to other residents. No tap beer on premise.

27. Porches and balconies should not detract from the appearance of the building. The premise shall in no way be defaced with signs, advertisements, antennas, etc. No furniture not designed for exterior use shall be permitted on any porch. The cost of removal of such will be incurred by the tenant. Porches and balconies will not be used for hanging laundry. Front yard areas shall be kept clear of trash cans, grills and clutter. For the safety of all residents, all cooking grills shall be maintained at a safe distance from the property and all tenants should note the locations of alarms and building exits.

28. LEASE CHANGES COST MONEY!! Any lease changes requested by tenant will be made at the discretion of the landlord and will be charged $400.00 fee and payable at the time the change is made, tenant will also pay for any advertising costs. (for example: replacing one tenant name with another or removing a name).  This does not allow tenants to void or break a lease.
29. Tenants are responsible for the cost for repair or replacement of the following no matter how such damage occurs, items will be repaired to original condition or replaced:
a. Plugged drains
b. broken, dented, scratched, ripped, missing, damaged storms, screen and windows
c. Broken, cracked, damaged, doors, door jams, door locks or any damage dealing with doors (by the way, it is cheaper to replace a door knob than to fix a door).

30. There will be a $25.00 service charge if you are responsible for the utilities and you do not have them put into your name on the day you check in. For GAS and ELECTRIC, call Wisconsin Public Service at: 800-450-7260 and for WATER call: City of Oshkosh Water Dept. at: 232-5325.

31. Security deposit is not rent: You may NOT use your security deposit as the last months rent. Any prepaid rents will become security deposit and be treated as security in the event your lease is ended prematurely for any reason. Should landlord have to re-rent the property prior to expiration of the lease due to breach by the tenant, the tenant will be charged for any expenses incurred including but not limited to: utilities, advertising, lost rents, applicable re-rental fees etc.

32. Protect your stuff: Tenants are encouraged to carry their own renters’ insurance. Landlord shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal property kept within the premise.

33. No sunbathing on roofs. Tenant may not be on the roof or fire escapes of the property except for emergency.

34. If it’s broken, tell us: Tenants are obligated to notify landlord in writing if problems exist that may cause waste or damage to property (missing or broken basement windows may cause pipes to freeze for example). Should landlord discover a situation existed which jeopardized the condition of the building that the tenant did not notify the landlord of, in writing, Landlord will hold the tenant responsible for any damage that resulted from the tenant’s negligence.

35. Time is money: All work performed on behalf of landlord due to tenant waste or neglect will be billed as follows: Electrician (market rate), Plumber (market rate) all others $35.00 per hour.

36.  Sublease: Lessees may be allowed to sublet. The Lessee, not the sub lessee, will make rent payments. It is the responsibility of the lessee to collect from the sub lessee. The original sub lessee is responsible for all rent, utilities, lawn care, cleaning after move out, and shoveling.

These are conditions of tenancy and are non-negotiable. It is our sincere desire to provide safe, reasonably priced housing. If there is a problem with the property please call so we can remedy the situation. We would rather fix a small problem than not know about it until it becomes a large problem. 

These conditions and provisions are subject to change.



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